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Swimming Pool Repair Tips

When it comes to swimming pool repair, your skimmer cover is a safety and maintenance feature. It stops debris, other items, pets and people from accidentally falling into the skimmer well. It provides a point of access to the skimmer in your swimming pool. However, like everything else, it will get cracked or broken over time. Once you have found a replacement, you can easily replace it.

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For safety reasons, the first thing you need to do when replacing your skimmer lid is to switch off the power to your pool pump. You should never maintain or repair any part of the skimmer with the pool pump still on. Your skimmer lid is held in with 2 screws. Find these and remove them. Once you have removed the lid, make sure you have bought the right size by verifying the make and model. When you have verified this, simply put the new lid in place and replace the 2 screws.


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Sand Filters

A sand filter tank is usually made from either fiberglass, metal, or concrete and contains a thick bed of sand. While filtering, all the dirty water comes in through the inlet pipe, which in turn goes to a water distribution head found inside the tank. While gravity pulls the water down, minute sand particles will catch dirt and debris. Once on the bottom of the tank, the filtered water will flow through a pick-up unit and back out an outlet pipe.

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When the water flow is slowed due to dirt and debris, the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet will give the pool owner a better idea of the blockage level. When the inlet pipe has more pressure, then there is debris in the sand. You need to backwash the filter. The coarseness of sand will trap debris and over time, the sand becomes smooth and round. You need to change this sand every 5 years. For all your swimming pool repair needs, please call Avila Tile in Sacramento, CA now at (916) 257-7634.